Developer Tools

Developer tools are often used by software developers so name of it is developer tools. Web designers, web developers, mobile application developers and many other job group use this softwares.

Do you need programs such as those, you can find a lot things in this category. Do you experience any difficulty while researching to find a software compatible with your needs then you can search. In this case, you can easly find softwares / programs compatible with your needs.

Software developers does their jobs with many helpful tools. The reason for this is that it is a complex business. In this way they can complete their work in a shorter time.

Sublime Text Editor Download

About Sublime Text Editor

This software is a tool for coding software. There are many programs for this purpose. This program is one of them. Some auxiliary tools are used to develop a software. These tools has got much more features than standart text editors.

Sublime Text Editor

Editors used to code programs carry features that are not found in regular editors. This is a must. Sublime Text Editor is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. So, It offers a wide range of options for its users. This program performs slightly better than its competitors. But some add-ons are free.

Sublime Text Editor comes with many built in themes. So you can work with the color you need. The theme is very important in the software development process. You can transform this challenging process by choosing the color theme that suits your taste.


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Notepad++ Text Editor Download


Notepad++ is a software development program. With this program developers develop software. Why do developers need such programs? This is because; software development is a challenging process. These softwares facilitate this process.


How does software do that?

• Software suggest functions while coding
• If are there any programming language rule error, then it shows that.
• Reduces the possibility of making mistakes
• Changes the code color. (Eg functions are blue, variables are red)
• Incorporates the tools needed in programming.
• It is more powerful than the editors that come with the operating system.
• A lot of things like thos can be sorted


The Notepad++ software has a built-in add-on manager. It comes with a lot of add-ons available with this plugin manager. One of the most noticeable plugin is the NppFTP plugin. Throught this plugin, we can connect to the server directly. This plugin is the very important plugin for instant changes and updates. In addition, Notepad++ comes with many themes. You can choose an eye-catching theme and continue the development process with it.


Notepad++ supports many programming languages ​​such as Javascript, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, Ruby, R, C, C #, C ++, Java, Matlab, Shell, Swift, XML, YAML and Objective-C. It is successful in large size files. But according to the tests done, editors such as Atom and Sublime Text could perform better on very large files. But the most suitable editor according to specific features seems to be Notepad ++. Also It’s free!


Notepad ++ will follow updates on your behalf. If there is an update, it will notify you when the program starts. In this article, we gave some information about Notepad++. Once you have used it, you can share your experiences.

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