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Cheat Engine is a free application that provides you with some tricks for your games in the database. It gives you the opportunity to apply cheating by scanning applications that are running. Novice users are advised to review the tutorial at the beginning of the program.

Cheat Engine

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FinalCrypt File & Data Encryption Program


How is the encryption program working?

FinalCrypt is a file encryption program. Everyone has their own computers today. On these computers, we keep photos, music and special files. In some cases, we may want to keep my photos or other files on our computer.

Because we do not want our private photos to be seen by everyone. We do not want our confidential or critical data to be captured by others. That’s why we need file encryption programs.
In this context, this software encrypts our data to prevent it being compromised by others. Even super computers can not find these passwords. If you need file encryption and data encryption software, you can use this software.

Technical details

Regarding the technical aspect of the encryption program, the program was developed with the Java programming language. It also has an easy-to-use interface and is very easy to use. There is another important point here. If you are encrypting very large files, you can stop and continue the encryption process.

How does it work?

To encrypt it, you need to select a password file on the right. With this file you can encrypt multiple files. After this step, it becomes impossible to break the password of the file. However, if you want to solve this password again, you need to reselect the encryption file you have chosen when you want to decrypt the password. You can then decrypt the password again. Otherwise you will not be able to access this file.

By the way, if you want to more security you should look to our security category.


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