Half Life 1.5 Full PC Game Download

Half Life 1.5 Full PC Download

Half Life

Half Life is a multi-player video game. Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications. Half Life is a game of combat solving missions and combat. The game is played by the first person. There is no level in the vote, you are in the chapter division. The game was developed by Valve for Microsoft Windows in 1998.

There are many features that distinguish Half Life from games of then. For example, one of them is controlling player Freeman in an uninterrupted fashion. Half-Life has received praise for its graphics, realistic play and uninterrupted understanding. Over fifty years won the “Game of the Year” award. Half Life was published in November 1998. E3 is its revised version.

Winning Awards

  • Best PC Game
  • Best action game

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: 500 mhz processor.
  • RAM: 96mb ram.
  • GPU: 16mb video card.
  • OS: Windows XP.
  • Network: Internet Connection.

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: 800 mhz processor.
  • RAM: 128mb ram.
  • GPU: 32mb+ video card.
  • OS: Windows XP.
  • Network: Internet Connection.


Valve Corporation is an american video game developer and distributor company. This company has developed many games and put them on the market. Some of these games are; Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Portal, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Dota 2. Valve was founded on August 24, 199 by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, former employees of Microsoft. The official name is Valve L.L.C.



Download Links

Size: 340,62 Mb
CD Key: 3333333333333





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