UnHackMe 8.90 Full

With UnHackMe you can clean viruses infecting your computer. Your computer is a program to clean infected malware and viruses. The files you download will also bring malware and leak your personal information. You can destroy trojans, rootkits, hacker programs with UnHackMe, which are a major threat to your computer security. Removes invisible dangerous programs placed inside the Windows kernel.

UnHack Me


This program installs as an anti-rooitkit and removes any malicious software. Find and block viruses that change your home on your device. Compatible with all known antivirus security solutions, this program scans your device and finds and removes all hidden programs. UnHackMe works well even on low-end devices.

It also has nice tools for browser cleaning. It is also a program that provides a definite solution against infected viruses from social networks such as Facebook. Rootkit, trojan and backdoor is doing a lot of popular software such as scanning.


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Size: 17.9 MB


TweakBit PC Repair Kit Full

TweakBit PC

Tweak Bit


Enjoy using your computer more quickly without interruption. It is a program written to make your computers work better. Listening to music and watching movies can sometimes turn into maze. The programs we set up on my computer create unnecessary files in computer memory and memory. Over time, these unnecessary files take up extra space on our computers. This results in us using the computer more slowly than the day we first received it.

Many people complain that over time they could not use the computer as fast as it did on the first day. That’s the main reason. With this program, we can clean out the old waste files from old and obsolete programs. This will lead to a noticeable increase in the performance of our computer.

One of the important factors in the slowing down of our computers is the opening programs. The more programs that are initially opened, the slower the computer boots. To prevent this, you can turn off unnecessary startup programs by entering the Task Manager in the Windows 10 operating system.

Another way to speed up your computer is to remove the programs you do not use and clean up the waste files. At this point, this program is helping you. It also works with Windows operating system registry. Every program installed and removed leaves a mark in the registry. So over time, the registry will become hot. Every program installed on my computer has a record in the registry. This is where the relevant data is stored. When the registry shakes, when we open a program, the performance of our computer decreases because it takes longer to find the parameters of that program from the computer registry.

The use of such programs in this context affects the performance of the computer.

Also you can use AdwancedSystem Care Ultimate


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Size: 15.4 MB


Norton Antivirus 2017 Full v22.9.0.71

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus


It is a comprehensive program against viruses, spyware, malicious programs and other online threats. It automatically backs up your selected photos, financial and other important documents on your device. Clear the hard disk to save space and protect you against identity spies. You will be safer with this program which prevents viruses and dangerous downloads. You can use this program in order to secure your passwords, card passwords, photos and special files in social media.

Cybercriminals are now more experienced than the old ones and use a wide variety of tools to access your information. In this case, our devices can immediately acquire and misuse our personal information. There are many programs to protect from these. Norton Antivirus is the number one security program for only one of these programs for comprehensive protection and performance. Malware and virus can accumulate over time and even slow down our devices. You only need to use this program to prevent them from happening.


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Size: 156 MB




Need for Speed Rivals Full

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals


The first name that comes to mind is the racing game. He tried to mention his name with his serial rivals, which was on the agenda more recently. The game goes to the area called Redviev County. The players may be racers or police. Racers will be the most wanted and fastest of the streets, trying to catch them in the cops. As the riders run away from the police and win the races, they will gain more speed points and open up new vehicles with new modifiying options. Players will be able to modify their vehicles. This will increase the performance of their vehicles and change their appearance. In addition, players can customize the plates.


Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, AMD 2.6 GHz Athlon X2
RAM: At least 4 GB
Hard Disk: At least 30 GB free space
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 3870 or better, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or better

Recommended System Requirements

CPU: Quad-core processor from Intel or AMD
RAM: At least 8 GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 7870 3Gb or better, NVIDIA GeForce GT660 3Gb or better


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Size: 8,97 GB (Per link 500MB)


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Part 18: http://www.hitfile.net/ji76hoK
Part 19: http://www.hitfile.net/V1jtU9r


IObit Malware Fighter Pro 6

IObit Malware Fighter Pro

IOBit Malware Fighter


With IObit Malware Fighter Pro, you do not have to clean malicious software on your computer, it provides continuous protection. This program, which is also effective on spyware, provides in-depth cleaning. Download your movies, games, music, etc. many applications may unwittingly bring spyware virus ads. This program prevents such events from happening.

It is also a security application that protects your computer against Internet threats. It finds and removes spyware, advertisements, and viruses that contain threats on your system.

IObit Malware Fighter Pro has a protection shield on all operations in your usb memory or on your device. It detects even the most advanced threats and protects your computer from malware in real time. This program detects and removes infected files. If you want your computer to work better, you can download and use this program for free. You can also protect your attached videos, photos, and files on your device from spyware that is also threatening.

You can find a performance tools with to click.


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Size: 38.5 MB



Glary Disk Cleaner v5.0.1.108 Download

Glary Disk Cleaner

Glary Disk Cleaner

About Software

It is one of the programs written for disk cleaning. It is one of the programs that your users can use free of charge to keep the hard disk as clean as possible and to easily perform disk maintenance. When you run the program, the scanning process directly on your device makes it possible to detect unnecessary old and useless files in the system. In addition, the manual cleaning tools are included in the Glary Disk Cleaner so that they can be included in the cleaning process later.


Why My Computer Slow Down?

This program keeps your computer clean and works best by removing temporary system files, cleaning the scanner cache, or unloading private folders. Your device keeps temporary files or similar data when you browse the social networks. For this reason, your computer’s performance drops. You need to perform disk cleaning at regular intervals to make it run faster. You only need to use this program to ensure that your computer runs at top speed. The disk scan feature helps you clean up old files and folders that are left in your hard drive. It is a program that can be used easily by every level that appeals to all users. It records the cleaning operations you have done with this program and it shows you the time you want at any time.

Your computer will not run as quickly as the first day after a certain period of time. After installing the program and uninstalling the program, many harmful residues will continue to hang on your computer. And likewise, cookies will accumulate on the browser after the use of the internet. Because of these, your computer’s performance will decrease over time. With this program, you can easily delete all unnecessary files that accumulate, making your computer your first ever day. This process is very difficult to do manually under normal conditions, you can easily apply this program.


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Size: 5.7 MB


Emco Malware Destroyer

Emco Malware Destroyer, generally speaking, this program is a handy security program that can deal with viruses, trojans, adware and malware.

Emca Malware Destroyer

About Emca Malware

The greatest feature of the program is that it performs a very fast scan. The program, which can provide protection against many threats, is constantly up to date thanks to the update system and protects your device against the latest threats. This program detects and removes malicious software on your computer in just a few seconds. It scans in depth against bad software. Removes viruses and malware that alter your home page. It will make your device work more efficiently.

Emco Malware Destroyer protects your device from malware and viruses. The application will help you find viruses, malware and various threats effectively. The application destroys thousands of malicious programs and malicious programs. It also has a fast malware scanning feature. Quickly removes software that contains threats from your device.


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Size: 13.2 MB



Anti Trojan Elite v5.6.2 Full

Anti Trojan Elite Full

Anti Trojan Elite

Anti Trojan Elite is a malicious software removal program. This program has real-time protection, works efficiently on your system, and does harmful spies from finding and blocking them before they get into the system. With the tools in it, the system is very secure at protecting the security. These tools check your network connections and prevent any suspicious connections.

Our devices slow down over time and do not run as fast as the first day. Even if we delete many applications we download, they accumulate in the registry. This very comprehensive program scans the devices in our devices for suspicious conditions. This program, which can detect over 35000 malware, automatically increases the feature quickly with automatic update feature.

By using this program, you can protect your personal information. Spyware, without knowing the links we clicked, can access all the information that is important to us. It is not difficult to prevent them now. We can use Anti Trojan Elite program to provide security.


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Size: 6.1 MB




Abelssoft AntiLogger 2018 v2.1

Abelssoft AntiLogger is a program developed to detect and disable spyware and logger software.


What is Keylogger?

Some malicious people record the letter and key each time we press on our keyboard. The reason for this is that we want to capture our passwords, credit card information and other private information that we use while using the computer. This can result in unfair profits and can make you suffer material and spiritual losses. Because of this, we should not install softwares provided by people whose sources are unknown to our computer.

You should do some research on the internet about the software we want to install. If necessary, also research the company that makes the software. This may cost you more later. In order not to fall into this situation, first of all we need to be sure that the programs we will install are reliable. Besides, we can take advantage of these programs for extra precautions. This is a very important point for our information and data security.

If you need such a security application and you do not want your data to be saved and obtained by malicious people, you can benefit from this program.


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Size: 3.4 MB





Panda Security (All Panda Products)

Panda security protect you from online and offline threats. This program is a protection against viruses, spyware, hackers and dangerous people. This program protect your e-mails, photos, videos and files important for you. Protect you against all unknown malware in real time.

Panda Security

Features of Panda

With advanced parental control, ensure your children are surfing the web without encountering inappropriate content. Panda security protects against the latest malicious software. It keeps you safe while surfing the Internet, shopping and playing games. We do not want any of our files and private information to be passed on to anyone. By using this program, you can secure all of these.

Also the antivirus program cleans up unnecessary cookies and temporary files and also cleans your computer for maximum performance. Not only does it, ensure system security, but it also allows system maintenance. With multi-protection, you can also secure your mobile and desktop devices which run on different operation system. The firewall disables network viruses and prevents leaks and attacks by hackers attempting to penetrate your computer.

A suggestion! If you use the Your Uninstaller program with Panda Security, you will make effective performance increase on computer!

Panda Free Antivirus

Size: 57.3 MB




Panda Antivirus Pro

Panda Antivirus Pro

Size: 67.5 MB




Panda Internet Security

Panda Internet Security

Size: 67.5 MB




Panda Global Protection

Panda Global Protection

Size: 67.5 MB




Panda Gold Protection

Panda Global Protection

Size: 67.5 MB